Aphex twin thread



rickard jamesss

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wow u listen to apex twins? thats like sooo weird


ikr im not like the other girls xD

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I always listen to flim on loop before exams now and I feel like it helps me avoid getting a heart attack

Aphex Twink


I’ve never gotten too deep into Richard because there’s just so much incredible music that’s readily available.

Tracks like this still blow my mind every time I hear them, just the absolute mastery of sonics on display is unrivaled. I will never get tired of this music, to the degree that digging for Aphex deep cuts and aliases almost feels like cheating, or disrespecting the work. It’s really stupid, but I’m being entirely honest lol

yeh i fw him my fv song is mount saint michael

anyone else listened through all of the soundcloud loosies? what are ur favs? these are mine user18081971 [Aphex Twin] - katiacid - YouTube AFX (Aphex Twin) - 4 Red Calx [slo] - YouTube AFX (Aphex Twin) - 7 Cutting - YouTube Aphex Twin - Stabbing Interview [SAW II Un] - YouTube