at what level of the iceberg will these genres be in the future, what will happen to them, how will be popular, how many years they will be popular?

genres that entered the mainstream this year: rage (rap)
genres that have entered the mainstream but will be even more popular in the future: plug / plugnb (maybe), hyperpop, digicore (also called glitchcore), sigilkore
genres that are popular in the underground and have a chance to become popular: hexd, mashcore, lolicore, bitcrush
I think:
rage (rap) -the most popular song will gain (collected) 100 million plays (and this is miss the rage), will popular 3-4 years
plugg / plugnb-may remain underground but this year they entered the mainstream for example the most popular song kashdami reparations has collected almost 20 million plays, or the popular artist lil tecca dropped an album made in the plugg / plugnb genre, maybe it is no popular but 1 song from the album, released before the album, never left has collected more than 80 million plays, if artist who do in the plugg / plugnb genre become even more popular, plugg / plugnb may become popular, the most popular song will get 50-100 million plays, it will popular 2-3 years
hyperpop-it became popular thanks to the spotify playlist, in the future it will become the most popular genre in music in the 20s, 100 gecs will become legends, the most popular song will collect 1-5 billion plays, it has been popular for 10-15 years
glitchcore-many hyperpop artists are doing in this genre, the most popular song will collect 1-2 billion plays, it will be popular for 5-10 years
sigilkore-when hyperpop becomes the most popular genre in music, rap will lose popularity, artists who do rap will go to hexd, artists who make vampire rap will go to sigilkore, sigilkore is more popular than hexd and it only entered the mainstream 3 months ago, song luci4 bodypartz has collected 12 million plays and has become popular in tik tok, some artists who make sigilkore have some song that has 1-4 million plays, the most popular song will have 100 million plays, it will be popular for 3-4 years
hexd-genre that became popular in the underground in 2019, it’s like a distorted rap, they say that there are several subgenres in this genre, the most popular song will collect 10-50 million plays, it will be popular for 4-7 years
mashcore-the next edm genre, it became popular in the underground in 2019-2020, the most popular song will get 10-50 million listens, it will be popular for 5-9 years
lolicore- the same as mashcore, only vocaloid in it, became popular in the underground in 2019-2020 like mashcore, the most popular song will collect 10-40 million listens, it will be popular for 4-7 years
bitcrush-I tried to find this genre but I didn’t find it, I don’t know what it is lol

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bitcrush is not genre, it is effect, sorry

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rage (rap) will popular 0-2 years, because probably all the artists who make rage and plugnb who have a chance to become popular will be the last rap artists who will collect more than 100 million, many rap artists who have become popular have been popular for 2 years, rage and plugnb will get bored as people will need something new, experimental, distorted, etc.

if in 2021-2023 hyperpop (where most artists do digicore) becomes the most popular genre of music, rage (rap) and plugnb will quickly lose popularity

mashcore and lolicore are subgenres of breakcore, raggacore will not become popular, but breakcore, mashcore, lolicore have already entered mainstream music, for example sewerslvt has several songs which has collected 1-3 million plays, and the most popular song pretty cnvt has 16 million plays in June I found the song ezekiel help_urself then he had 2 million plays, in August he deleted the album and rebooted and then this song probably became popular in tiktok and now it has almost 10 million plays, breakcore, mashcore, lolicore has a chance to become even more popular

fuck lolicore

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i can c rage dying out even sooner man. i don’t know how you can possibly improve it at this point. Yeat dropped like 3 albums that have the same sound. I agree with you that some form of plugg is gonna blow soon. which will kinda be the gateway for more experimental music to get it’s chance.

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I agree, in fact, rage (rap) will lose popularity sooner than you think, it seems to me that plugnb is already losing popularity and rage (rap) artists who will only become popular only 4, and in hyperpop somewhere around 10-30, ezekiel will not last long, a typical artist with one hit that became popular thanks to tik tok, but for example sewerslvt can become even more popular, in fact, no matter how many auditions the artist gets, you need to listen to the artist you like and worthy, sofaygo or cochise will probably become the most popular rage (rap) artist, but all the artists who people say that they will become popular and in fact they do similar to playboi carti and lil uzi vert, even people who like rap admit this, all rage (rap) artists who will become popular- too, but probably more original, rage (rap) will lose popularity in six months and this is not only because he will get bored, 100 gecs will release 10000 gecs and probably after that hyperpop is even more popular, people will not confuse hyperpop (which is actually rage (rap) ) with hyperpop, if for rap then digicore is also a mixture of rap with edm like rage (rap), only it represents 10 times more than rage (rap), also many hyperpop artists make digicore, even the most popular track in hyperpop sugercrush has collected more than the most popular track in rage (rap) miss the rage, I agree that plugnb is better then rage (rap), but it probably gets boring faster than rage (rap) so it loses popularity, there are people who said half a year ago that plugnb may not become more popular or remain in the underground

breakcore, mashcore, lolicore will not become popular, but they are still popular in underground music