what do you think about country music? if you like it why? if not, why not? what makes it inherently bad in your opinion and vice versa?



I like some Johnny Cash idk if that counts. I can’t say I’ve done much research/listening to country music, I just know mainstream country is ass (imo).

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zero creativity zero effort, strumming some basic chord progressions and yodeling or whatever its fucking called the way they “sing” about drinking beer and driving a truck, yes im sure theres a few hidden gems but definitely the pinnacle of main stream garbage

it’s cliched but “old” country is much different than modern country.

compare some1 like johnny cash 2 like morgan wallen or w/e the name of that racist idiot is, both popular but for much different reasons which i think is cringe

I live in Texas so I see the culture behind the music and it can be pretty good as long as there’s some real substance. As the music is generally pretty basic and easy listening, the appeal is typically going to be either some extremely proficient or soulful instrumentation, or some very engaging lyrics.
I’m sure you know how sparse those are across like every genre in existence

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profoundly true, really made me rethink my comment, im not exactly sure what aspect has always deterred me from country, maybe the lack of ingeninuity and tiring repetitiveness, maybe the white supremesist sexist (ignorant) culture, the same could be said for pop or even rap for that matter but theres been a few times ive been high enough for pop to really hit me maybe it is just from our mindset, like you said across all genres the mainstream is usually boring/nauseating

it really is a matter of perspective, I personally don’t like the music or relate too much to the subject matter cause like trucks are ugly and I’ve seen like a dozen longhorns my whole life but I know the kinds of people who are single issue 2a/abortion voters, Bucc-ee’s shirt wearin, Dr. Pepper guzzlin, only consider a Ford, Dodge or Chevy for their truck and who looooove them some fucking Country and top 40
you could call it ignorance, but ignorance is bliss

like I never gave a fuck about the blues until I heard Robert Johnson and had my soul wrenched from my body, wrung out and left to dry in the summer sun
listen to willie nelson and see if some country hits you when it’s done right

still did not but im sure i could find someone who speaks to me through the country genre because i appreciate literally every other genre is some way, while i agree its a matter of persepctive and that it is possible to transcend ones own culture and beliefs to appreciate other perspectives/ genres/ etc. i will make mention that i completely and whole heartedly disagree with that statement “ignorance is bliss” which you (like almost other people who say it) only parroted out of conformity and i try to say this with as little disrespect as possible because i understand how encompassing and powerful this evil, corporationist, parasitic, suicidal etc propaganda / influence is. ignorance is not bliss, ignorance (tama) is suffering, maybe not immediately to ones self or others but always inevitably, ignorance is the fruit that turns to poison, the power that divides and puts us against eachother, that creates violence, tradgedy, and agony. freedom (sattwa) is bliss, it is the nondiscriminating power that enlightens and gives love and comfort to all consciousness, it is the thing that all artists and all beings attempt to reach or express however abstract and dim (ignorant) their perspectives may be, to see the light, to see the universe as it is (god) to understand that we all are but a fraction of the universes energy and to know that to hurt others, to be prideful, lustful, etc (sinful) is nothing but the ignorant cycle of suffering that all lifes hopes to escape

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by that expression, I’m just saying that some of these people and every generation that bore them only know one life and so, for them, that’s the only life worth living
I’m just trying to explain my take on the clear divide between people who listen to only country and the people who listen to everything except for country from my perspective

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