Discogs you are currently caught up on

I’m only caught up on with 3 artists, they’re painfully basic, but if you must know they are: Hi-C/RCB (DOMD + Hi-C only tho), $uicideboy$, and Outkast. Ofc I am close to finishing up other discogs but for now I have listened to EVERYTHING these groups have released. This obviously takes a lot of love and a lil digging. With all that said what artists have you “Caught up” on? Anything you want so share about the process? Maybe what you have learned, do you regret it, or discogs you want to fully listen to? anything else in between?

LMK :slight_smile:


spent the past few weeks trying to listen to most of boris’s discog instead of like 03 heavy rocks & pink which has been good, haven’t gotten around to listening to vein or one of the new albums but that’ll happen “soon”. i’m eagerly awating the new sweet trip album (28th may) as i’ve been extensively listening to their entire discog for the past like 3 years. also caught up on nanoray, anthony1, kairon ;irse! alcest, hakushi hasegawa, limp pumpo, asunojokei, parannoul & finally finished listening to the rest of tommy wright 3’s discog.

i’m like lazy & end up just listening to the same shit most weeks with little variation, so it’s been nice to actually try and diversify what i end up listening to, even if some of it (ie: some of boris’ work) mightn’t be that good when compared to others