Dismiss yourself be putting mp3s on cassettes

recording of my pretty demon rokkstarzz cassette next to one of my dad’s band’s old cassettes LMAOOOO be wary if you actually buy physicals from DY they didn’t even mention this on the bandcamp page where they were selling these

Edit: LOLLLL IT’S ON THE BANDCAMP TOO here’s a comparison of bandcamp mp3, flac, wav, and cassette recording and they’re trying to charge us over 10 dollars for this


you are crying because an underground artist doesnt export in high quality


wouldn’t cassette’s be compressed anyway???

When applicable wavs are used but some artists (Hi-C and Rodeoglo) do not know how to export to lossless. Hi-C’s started to but his only project that is currently lossless is no more heroes volume one. These artists would have ended up putting the same bitrate out no matter who they worked with and I did my best to request the absolute highest quality files from the artists while also doing what I could to make them sound as good as possible despite this fact.

I take audio bitrate very seriously but I am assuming you are new to the underground SoundCloud scene or else you’d know for some artists this really can’t be circumvented and the options you’re left with are putting the lossy files out or skipping out on physicals altogether. While the latter might make sense for some many many people desire these releases on cassette regardless and everyone I have ever seen who has asked about this so far has been understanding and content with the compromise.

On the flip side I have turned many artists onto lossless exporting, bloodline genesis being one such example. I am sorry you’re upset but just know this isn’t a matter of incompetence or ignorance on my end, I am very much aware of the audio situation.


thanks for the informative response!!! I am not huge into the scene so that’s fair enough but I think it’d probably be a good idea to at least note when you’re not putting lossless files onto a physical. had I known beforehand that I would be getting lossy files on the cassette I would have been fine with it but it feels like being cheated when you don’t know about it beforehand. sorry if it seemed like I was accusing you of incompetence I did not mean it!!! my classic project 2000 cassette sounds perfect


Damn, you said it like they were out trying to scam you or something. I don’t think that was the intention. It looks like you cleared all that up, but…

It’s still a good thing to bring up because I like this label and think they have the power to bring some really good music to physical formats. Source audio is understandable, but the big thing for me is I noticed is these are type 1 low bias cassettes with no dolby, what’s marketed as CDs are CDr’s, their printing is done with digital laser printers instead of offset press, etc. I am not trying to sound antagonistic or whiny; I know you are just starting out, but I hope as this grows and you get more experience and resources there will be even deeper thought put into physical pressings.

Aside from a long lineup of new releases, I bet you’ll have opportunities to reissue more classic and influential albums, and when you get there I hope you’re ready to serve them with the highest level of quality. Collectors take their shit very seriously and with a lot of power comes a lot of responsibility! haha!


100%, thanks for the input because improving the quality of everything we do is the biggest priority. Behind the scenes we’re moving into what we consider the phase two of our operations and going forth we are going to shoot for quality in every way possible. In fact, would you be willing to go more in-depth into judging the quality of what we do? I’d also love to hear any suggestions if you have them :azn:


Some of us literally don’t know how to mix bro so you take what you get with underground music

who cares lol