Dismiss Yourself Merch

What kind of merch would interest you guys. I’ve kept dismiss-branded stuff rather exclusive and limited for a reason, and things are reaching the point where I can carry out a collection of merch with the right funding and preparation I’d be happy with. I’m already working on halloween and christmas designs, but I wanna drop generally themed stuff alongside it all too. I’ve already got some hyper-focused ideas laid out but if there’s anything anyone here would love that I haven’t thought of drop some ideas below.




Dismiss Yourself branded clothes, like the DY girls and the style from the banners. Looking great!


stickers :smiley:

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I just want more shirts and stickers lol

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Rat Jesu

funko pop



hoodie with the entire dior5tar trans rant transcribed on the front


dismiss yourself girl figurine :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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hi c funko pop dy girl funko pop axxturel funko pop

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I’m sure any ideas you have will please the large majority of people :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

make a shirt that just says “hi-c isn’t apart of rcb” cause people still dont understand


Abstract stuff with DYchan, with the logo clearly visible

Minimalistic would work best!! Make the graphic not overbearingly large either

designs of dy-chan playing around with similarly styled representations of dy creators
would be high effort creatively but I think it’d be a cute theme, allow a lot of colors with a simple design on it, and satisfy a lot of people who are looking for something specifically with one or two artists

also rerun the old merch
my biggest regret is not getting the shirt of the ghosts in the whip

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patches would be hard or keychains

I would buy clothes but more specifically clothes that have a more subtle or abstract design. Someone else already mentioned minimalism and I’m inclined to agree. I want something versatile that I can wear to compliment clothes I already own. So much merch out there is super gaudy and I would rather just donate money to the creators than buy it. Also don’t mind paying a little extra for clothes that are durable and will last me a long time. Stickers are also nice.

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posters & stickers

SGP, Sienna Sleep, 4jay (if possible), && Hi-C merch! :smiley:

oh and DY merch too! already bought one of them, i want more :slight_smile: