Dismiss Yourself Team Member Applications

Dismiss Yourself’s growth has been something I would have never anticipated, yet it’s definitely a welcome surge in popularity. Keeping up with this however has become more and more of a chore that isn’t viable for one person. While things haven’t reached the point where Dismiss Yourself can be considered an actual business with employees, there are many things I need help with. Below will be all of the positions I need help with. Please limit what role you’d like to formally apply to to one position; if you feel you have multiple strong suits then choose the position you would be most comfortable consistently applying yourself to. If you prefer occasional work or freelance work over considering yourself apart of a team that’ll connect via Trello and Discord doing consistent and timely tasks, then I would prefer you instead just send me your portfolio and let me know you’d be down to participate in a project sometime and I’ll contact you accordingly.


(Very Limited Positions)

As the Dismiss Yourself website grows, managing the web server and implementing new features will become necessary steps towards maintaining a website that’s worth using. Everything currently runs on a Ubuntu server, and the forums run a Discourse repo on Docker. The shop runs via BigCartel’s services, and the site itself is hosted on the same Ubuntu server the forums are on. Consider this if you are interested in web design, feature development, and web security.


(Some Positions)

Finding artists to both host on the YouTube channel and work with via the label is something that I can’t really juggle all the time, and keeping up with new releases when all of my time is being dedicated to working on label releases has become more and more difficult. Don’t consider this position if you are just interested in sending me stuff you like, because you can do that without this position. The Curator position is for you if you enjoy spending all of your time on Bandcamp and SoundCloud, keep up with every new scene release and know how to find obscure/lost media efficiently. Beyond that, quality control will also be an important skill. If you think you’re tapped into aspects of the music world most ignore, then I’m interested in what you’re seeing. (Very interested in people who can keep watch on any of the following scenes: Hex, Dark Trap, Jewelxxet, Blackmetal, DnB, Trance, Jungle, and related music scenes.)

Community Manager

(Many Positions)

This position will apply to the Forums, the Discord, and the YouTube channel. This is a position that relies more on trust-based prerequisites than it does portfolio-based prerequisites, but everyone is still welcome to apply. However I will be partial to you if I know you or you are already well known within the Dismiss Yourself community. Community Managers will both moderate the platforms the DY community is on as well as represent the community. Since you’ll have access to information that isn’t published publicly, you’ll be able to give insight to people asking questions that most couldn’t. Please do specify in your e-mail which of the three platforms (YouTube, Discord, Forums) you prefer. Either way you will be given access to staff chat on discord.


(Limited Positions)

There are MANY artistic outlets that Dismiss Yourself offers, and while I like handling this aspect of the project myself, it’s literally impossible to keep up with everything. This is a self explanatory role, but along with your portfolio you should specify the following:

  • Program(s) you use
  • Medium you would like to specialize in (Drawing, Graphic Design, Video, Animation, etc.)

Submit Your Application

All submissions should go to: [email protected]

Format your topic like so: Dismiss Yourself Application

Format your body like so:

  • Position Title

  • Why you think you are fit for this position (skip the formalities, you don’t need to really prove yourself here unless you are applying for Community Manager. However I do want to know why I can trust you’ll be reliable.)

  • Attach links/files for your portfolio and detail past work you’ve done that you are proud of.

And that’s that. I apologize if the way I carried myself throughout this post was overly demanding, I’m really excited to begin opening the Dismiss Yourself project to more people in a constructed/formal manner, however the fear that has prevented me from doing this sooner is the risk that comes with opening the door to people who won’t be of much help or competency- not that my standards are particularly high, but this project does mean a lot to me and I wouldn’t want to invite people to join when they aren’t as interested in the project as I am since that would slow things down significantly as opposed to having likeminded people to work with. I want to expand the vision of Dismiss Yourself, but you can’t do that if you don’t have your own vision to contribute to the project.

Do note that compensation in the form of payment (towards applicable positions) especially when working on lucrative tasks like merch/label releases will be paid accordingly.

Thanks again for bearing with me, I appreciate you all.


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