hey heylo im 2020cowboi and heres some my music stuff

ppl say i kinda sound like flylo but tbh i dont f with any of his stuff lol
also prob gonna get into more vocal moshpit kinda shit soon short fking story i went through lots of abuse in hs and my voice didnt fucking work bc i couldn’t function so :man_shrugging:
but yuh anyways if any1 wanna chek my stufffff

v v v v v v vv vv vv vVVVV v v vv


yor shit interesting as fuck what daw yu use

fl studio and i also use a neutron modular synth
also when it coms 2 samples i use a lotta old cartoon stuf like looni tunes or inspected gadget 1 old cartoon episode is like a goldmine with every possible score or sfx or vox u could ever want lol

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i think im on fl studio 12 tho not fl 20

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Yeah fuckin oath I’m on 12 as well can’t crack 20 lmao

UR SHIT IS GOOD FAM a little to high energy / bouncy for me but thats becuz my clinical depression lmao, nah but very creative FR

discovveri no this isnt an lp its just my discovery bc my sc is a mess fkn dum dum lol by 2020COWBOI | Free Listening on SoundCloud also dis playlist just cause its more organized or some shit idk my everything a messssssss

lol thx

speed vente is crazyyy

ssshhhhhh is kinda nutty

it reminds me of donkey kong country