Hi-C Thread

oh boy i sure do love hi-c

discuss songs, albums, talk about hi-c


Pretty Demon Rockstars is probably one of my fav projects out of all of 2020, it feels like a lot of whats on there is refined, all bangers, no fluff. Probably my favorite project out of all the rcb projects I’ve heard. Too bad he’s quitting rapping :frowning:


wait wtf he’s quitting ??

A while ago he posted on his instagram story that he was done rapping, he said he would still produce tho, idk if he’s said anything more about why or if he’s taken it back but nothing that i’ve seen


ahhh fuck :(( yeah i wouldn’t say a single ig story is enough to confirm that he’s quitting rapping for good, glad that he’s still producing tho

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he’s dropping a new album this year on dismiss yourself
u didn’t hear anything from me tho

rapping too




:open_mouth: :open_mouth:

probably’ll be his last

thoughts on tha long way being a top tier hic song

agreed, its been on my back to back since I’ve started listing to RCB :eye: like

some of my favorite Hi-C songs are Medusa Blood, BBy i dnt dance, Hic!!!, i fell n luv w dah bandz, tha lng wayyy, and wut u wunna do.

Draculina is not only a dope song, but also shows one of the ways Hi-c is stand out: he knows his way around patterns, 808s, and 808 patterns; (not to mention its one of the rare times you’ll hear DOMD have imo a better verse than hi-c).

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oh also sonically sumo by hi-c is really nice how it bounces off the ear. obviously use some nice headphones if u wanna know what i mean

Need 500 people to follow hic to drop album single…