How did you discover Dismiss Yourself?

IIRC I found out about Dismiss Yourself years ago in a discord server. One of the mods/admins was promoting their friend that had a youtube music archive channel. I decided to check it and that’s how I ended up here 11K subs later. Thanks to the members of Dismiss Yourself who constantly put me on to new artists and genres (: yall are the goats


the fuckin 100 gecs video lol


8bit vampire girl boob album



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one of my friends was obsessed with the thrift store kingdom hearts movie he uploaded a few years ago Kingdom Hearts 2 The Movie Bootleg (reupload) - YouTube

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LOL was it apollo

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yup, love that guy

some spaceghostpurrp tape. i dont really remember which one but it was definitely cuz of the sgp uploads


saw miami carol city legend was hot, went on youtube to find it and there it was

With the fax gang EP


i met sticki thru sgp like 2 / 3 weeks before panchiko remastered came out

Fucking RYM LOL

accidentally found Fax Gang song and it was so great that I wanted more

known Sticki for years, recently came back to the channel after i heard something interesting from it in my Subscriptions tab

I was a panchikofag

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sienna sleep

Friend sent me bitrot Panchiko album more than a year ago

march/april 2020
youtube recommended rare rcb hexd
probably because i listened to too much playboi carti
i immediately fell in love
really lucky

just got linked it by my friend : )

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