i make music as CR¥STAL GIRLZ, here is my trash

hello im Yamari, im making hex music with a pop twist to it, currently working on a full length debut project, im open for collabs and feedback, here are my latest singles of off that project im working on:



btw if anybody is confused about the name crystal girlz, the project was supposed to be a duo but one of my friends who featured in the songs recently quit to focus on collage, so now a days its mostly just me, i produce the beats, sing and also make the art stuff… here is some of my visuals.

thanks for reading, good night! :slight_smile:


this is fire wth

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Thanks, glad that you enjoyed it

from those two songs, really great, i’ll be watching for the project. you should see if it can be posted on the dismiss yourself channel bc it deserves more attention than it has right now
Also is violet skies on bandcamp because i can’t see it there

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violet skies isn’t on bandcamp yet, i will be putting it there tomorrow tho


made these today