let me design you something plz ♡( ◡‿◡ )

for free ofc !!

its summer, i’m bored. maybe you have a softie ambient project or sum intelligent jungle?

let me make you something that looks liken old alien workshop poster or an old dnb album/flyer.

i just want an actual prompt cuz i think it would be more fun. hmu and i can send you a little portfolio even idk !

ty ty !


That sounds awesome I’m actually working on a skateboarding brand with my friend called Angel Code so that would be awesome. My discord is dxm#3547 and twitter @thrice_greatest

I love collaborations, you said intelligent jungle and softie ambient



You can use any of my other tracks and do anything you like with it haha

oh ! i’ve wanted to do something for a skate company for ever. that sounds like sm fun. love the name as well.

i don’t use discord or twitter tho :confused: would you wanna talk on here or do you have ig? super down to make something for you so lmk !!

yo i’d love to do something kinda lo-fi with an old dnb/jungle aesthetic. would you want sum cover art for a project? do you have a specific project in mind?

feel free to message me here or lmk what ur ig is and we can figure things out more :slight_smile:


I was kind of hoping that you had an idea for a project haha. If you make any art I will use it for a cover or something. I try to put out an EP a month just to keep making stuff. I also put out a lot of videos on YouTube as Abstract Parasite, I will use your art in that for sure.
I do have an idea for a big project that I have bouncing around my head of creating a website something like this to try and create an artistic collective, that will require a lot of artwork and enthusiasm, but I haven’t pushed the button on that yet… I’m a bit puzzled by this place because I found them through a feature that was on the Bandcamp front page but the social side seems very quiet.

I do have a twitter and an IG, I’m not on either of them a lot. We can keep talking on here, I am online a lot and since you are responsive I can check at least once a day.

This is me on IG https://www.instagram.com/nicholasr99/

Sorry I don’t have more concrete ideas. I am trying to put stuff together but the motivation is hard without people to work with so I’m trying to get contacts together…

Why not?