Light Pilot/RODEOGLO - “Blight” (MUSIC VIDEO)

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i like this, it’s like industrial shoegaze type shit. i like the grittier highs in the sample, as well as how light the vocals are.

if you’re looking for feedback, id say the low end is a little too heavy in the mix. not so much to where i stop enjoying the track, but the subs are kinda booming. it also feels like the high mids (2-4kHz) are a tiny bit too present in the mix for my taste. all that said, i dont really care that much about those things. it’s still pretty fun with the distorted visuals and the skate clips, so i can’t really complain too much.

if you read this, i hope you’d check out my music too:

Thank you! Yes I’m definitely not opposed to feedback.

And I’m highly influenced by grunge/shoegaze (which I grew up on with my alt-rock loving parents) so i try to incorporate my childhood nostalgia. Nostalgia is a powerful tool when making music.

Not SUPER concerned with the mix because I enjoy toying with the idea of lo-fi/underground themes. Think of it kind of like the way “black metal” was recorded/mixed. I hope people in the future attempt to “remaster” my music using only the youtube-ripped tracks (lol). Im a sucker for some good “crushed” music.

As for your music… it’s very nice! Cool lo-fi trap vibe bro! Thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

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