My Experience With Rexu


I wanted to come out about this for about five months now. I never got to it though, since I didn’t feel as if I could. It never felt like there was a right time, plus there was people who’d say that he was just joking around when he did the things he did. I’m now coming out about my experiences because I can’t keep it all to myself any longer.

Some of you are aware that Rexu and I don’t like each other because something happened between us, but the majority of you have no idea what happened. Basically, I have been gaslighted by him numerous times for around a month and a half. Things weren’t too bad when we first started talking. I talked about Dismiss Yourself and scam rap, and he told me to rap for him so he could make a beat. All was good.

While our DMs were fresh and new, there’d be an occasional NSFW comment or two, which I didn’t really care about. In retrospect, I probably should’ve recognized this as a warning, but more on that later.

Anyways, I started to develop a crush on him briefly. I had seen his face one time and I thought that he was fairly attractive. Ever since then, dms took a weird turn. We started giving each other more attention and then we just kind of started to have a “thing” together.
It went from 0-100 really quick from that point. DMs became something that was grotesquely sexual. It started out with sexting (no pics or vids involved) but then he’d push the idea of a video call where I showed my stuff to him. Admittedly, I should’ve said no. I did express that I wasn’t all that comfortable with the idea of camming, due to it wasn’t a no.

Me not being able to say no became something of a common theme as well, not just when it came to sexual things but when it came to the constant bickering we’d do. These arguments weren’t just in DMs, but they were in both DY Discord and my own private server. A majority of the arguments were over nothing. He’d take things and blow them out of proportion, switching it up as well so I was the one who ended up apologizing most of the time. He’d usually say how I was a “hypocrite” or how “it was just a joke,” invalidating my feelings and making me feel dumb. Now that I’m out of that situation, I’ve came to realize that I was being gaslighted. I felt even worse about the situation when I realized that I found myself acting sexually or in a dumber way in order to keep cool with him.

The main reason why I’m in the situation that I’m in now was that he’d also led me on, making me believe that we were edating (which I admit I’m partially to blame. Aforementioned, I had feelings for him), only to go and say that we were never a thing and that the whole idea of it was stupid. I was hurt, but I kept this in mind. He’d talk about things he did with other women in the past, which kinda made me jealous. I still kept in mind that he literally said that we weren’t actually a thing, so I just went on. I talked about something that happened once. It wasn’t full on sex or anything, it was just a crazy encounter that happened to me. The man goes full on ballistic on me and blocks me.

TL;DR: I was gaslighted. That’s not even all I have to say on the matter, though.


i love u merz


fuck an abusive manipulator ass motherfucker we love you so so so much merz :heart:


ily merz i know wat it feels like 2 be manipulated like that stay strong ur amazing <3333


stay strong merz <3


Here’s one scenario that happened. Transphobia was kind of a thing that he expressed


Context: this is about a trans woman

I’m trying to get things that are not sexual cuz holy shit these dms are awful and I regret everything I said. Plus, nobody wants to see that. In retrospect, half of it was me trying to keep him close. Another half of it was genuine. It happens. I felt as if I was at my hormonal peak during that time, not gonna lie. I’ll admit that it’s not fair to try to keep your friends by being grotesquely sexual and I take full accountability for that, and that it wasn’t morally right because of my age. Sorry to those that I’ve disappointed.


ur strong for talking about this merz. stay strong

You’re brave for coming out about this, I hope you feel some type of closure even if it’s small.

Fuck this guy, sucks it had to end this way but I’m glad nobody’s sticking out for him.

Stay strong!

I’m honestly so scared to continue this and I’m getting drained as well. More things keep happening as a result of this thread and even worse things keep coming up in my life (unrelated to this)

Afraid that this even has 300+ views. I thought that this would only be within the forums but this shit was on Twitter and everything. Fuck.

we are here for you fr :hearts:

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i am a part of the merz fanclub. repost if you are a merz fan


There were 3 other girls who had an experience like you with rex, one was 18, one was 16 and one was 13 at the time, (I was the 13 year old at the time)

Rexu (He was known as rexia at the time.) was creepy, especially with the 16 year old and me and used us for his own benefit, I think I met him at the start of 2020, after his friend sprite invited me to a server with him and a couple of friends, where I met both the 18 year old and 16 year old girls which he manipulated but I didn’t know at the time, They were self proclaimed “incels”.

Rexia messaged me and thats when it began,gross stuff happened which i regret. I also got banned for raiding at the time which was stupid on my half, but when I came out about it, his friends, sprite and this other woman started insulting me, calling me a whore, a slut ect. Sprite called me a coal burner despite me being white and him being a POC (I had to look the meaning up)

It just sucks that he kept doing it to people even after us, like he had no remorse or guilt for what he did for grooming us, and I’m sorry about the experience you had with him.


I am so sorry I’m just seeing this now. Hope you three are better now


nooo its fine !!! im just so angry that it happened again, i think he’s got a few screws loose in his head tbh