party time with 4ZBAR B)

Hello everyone, I’m 4ZBAR, french noise/breakcore/experimental blablablabla musician, I’ve seen the video about the futur of Dismiss Yourself and I was soooo excited to share my music with you !! :smiley:

I’ve got like 4 projects:
4ZBAR (breakcore/experimental/rap),
ECHARDE (blackgaze/noise),
Coryza Epileptique (dark ambiant),
17éme Bastos wich is a project I’m working on with a friend (Phonk/Triphop)

I will not spam this topic with all of my project lol so feel free to check my SC and BC to see more but anyway here’s what I do with my main project 4ZBAR, I hope you will like it :slight_smile:

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