Send me music that you like :)

I really love this song if anyone wants to share and talk about songs and projects that the like do it here


Drum and bass track that’s been in my head:


that song is underrated as hell, i was blown away when i first listened it

i love claire
originally found here through bangerfest 2
this is an underrated gem very very much

I love dnb songs when it just keep going with vocals without spooky growling switch ups

I dont know if you’ve heard of this really underground group called drain gang.

no but seriously uh

it should be sending just the account for the last two but it sent their most recent upload instead so, yeah check out their accounts

I fucking love this song

holy fuck im in love with this sound now

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been listening 2 heaps of limp pumpo lately and can’t stop. this track is probably one of my most favourite out of their entire discography

yesssssssss instant classic

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Started listened to new stuff and found this like a week ago. I love the album.

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this song basic ion care it siick as fuck aldn, glaive - "what was the last thing u said" [official music video] - YouTube

and this my facorite song badroom party (testtype) by g0r3c0r3 | Free Listening on SoundCloud


SGP - Diamonds and Crystals

Golden Boy - Holofractal Reality

Sickboirari (aka Black Kray) - DRIPSET


Hi-C - lng way