So what's every1s fave release on the label

i rly enjoyed kizuna by naregoboshi, it was super good the first time i heard it & i’ve listened to it most days ever since then


I’ve cried to a gift to us all by cacola multiple times it fucks so hard every track is a banger. also really like classic project 2000 it was like one of the first cassettes I ever bought


midnight princess is an all around nice album with consistently good songs

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vatista transparent flash drive no questions asked
then it’s rare hi-c
then early works bootleg


Either a gift to us all or unimon superstar

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that akcaroline release on checksum might honestly be it, it’s so sincere and beautiful and I can’t find anything else under that name nor have I ever heard music like it
yyu used to give me that feeling when he was still putting out music

on the main label page? it’s that new naked flames release, I gave it a rough review on rym but I kind of started loving it all at once like a day or two after coming to my conclusion on it
the sound design is unreal, the instruments are so familiar and the mix is so warm and full. it all really elevates some otherwise pretty standard house composition to another place entirely
before that would have been BLVCKHEVRT no question

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AKCAROLINE is wrapping up some work under another name for the label soon, I won’t reveal what it is but I’m sure you’ll like it when time comes to release :azn:

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wow that’s amazing news, I’m really looking forward to it :grin:
at one point I was actually thinking of hitting you up for some info on whoever it is but I figured they’d be easier to find if they wanted to be found at all and left it alone

Ateriavia or a gift to us all :slight_smile:


Kizuna, without a doubt.

i digged binc rinse repeat, that anthony1 shit as well was banging, need to listen to the other shit on the roster though, looks fucking awesome

Unimon Superstar recently. I love the production, lyrics, vibe…I want more drixxo lords

i change my mind. unimon superstar is def one of the best

ateriavia is my most listened to project connected to dy fs. Unimon superstars and pretty demon rockstars close behind. If we were talking about general posts on the channel this post would be an awful lot longer.

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theres so many amazing ones but atm it’s probably pretty demon rockstar s

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hmm i don’t know i’ve really liked nekophiliac’s hello
and i guess bootlegs like beauty sleep rare hi c and yabujin early works

whats up yall, basic answer but i’d have to say rare rcb hexd since it pretty much sparked my interest in everything related to RCB/glitchcore.

props to Sticki for going the oldschool route and having a forum, i was just lamenting the loss of forums over websites like discord, reddit, etc, and yet here we are in 2021 with a new forum. very cool to experience

just a suspicion but im guessing it partly has to do with the y2k aesthetic which i really enjoy. the new channel header/slick logo is tight as well.

looking forward to lurking/posting here hope yall r doing well


hard to choose but the ones I come back to the most frequently are kizuna and ateriavia; I love how coherent they are and it’s hypnotizing how smooth some of the transitions are on em.
currently waiting for my ateriavia CD to come :smiley:


I got mine recently so yours should be on its way shortly unless you live somewhere real crazy

yessss same