Sticki’s SGP Discog Downloads

If any of you guys ever want to have ease of access to all of SGPs music, but dislike using soundcloud, here’s Sticki’s shared Mega download of SGPs discog:!JKAXXYyL!lVf_V6EO6ebjsLG45i1o8w

main reason I’m sharing this is bc I’ve only seen Sticki post this in Turismo’s comment section on his vid abt SGP.

-P.S. this collection hasnt been updated in a long time, while the SGP Archive account made by DY is still active, so, if you somehow missed that here’s a link to that as well:


yea i just dont wanna pay my mega subscription to access file uploading again lol, my current account is 1410% full


all good man, the fact that u made this in the first place is enough for me!

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this is huge actually, cheers


redownloading onto my ssd in case it disappears