Unknown artist behind ⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤

The Soundcloud link no longer works for this - what was the artist’s name and original name of the mix? Is this on RYM anywhere? Didn’t see it under Dismiss Yourself’s label.

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someone on soundcloud named rareraid but you’d probably have to ask sticki for any more concrete info, the soundcloud link was probably dead within a day of the video going up cause I remember listening to this almost as soon as it came out and already not being able to find anything about it

if it makes you feel any better it’s just a rcb hexd type mix of other artists’ songs

here’s one of them
admittedly the mix is insane and I wish I had a tracklist or sumn but there’s a lot of stuff like this out there

Found them: Stream raid music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud
⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤ by Raid (DJ Mix, HexD): Reviews, Ratings, Credits, Song list - Rate Your Music

i made it in like 20 mins as a joke and sticki uploaded it i took it down cuz i didnt like it

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