what do you think about Grind Mansion by Rockstar Grinder Gang ?

this is the release in question ↓ ↓ ↓

I’ve stumbled upon it like a week ago and I think it’s flames all the way. I was wondering what everyone else thinks about it.


not a big fan

why not ?

I thought it was pretty good when it came out

I’ve been listening to John Cooper Works on repeat on and off since like Dec. 2020 lmao

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griiiiiiiiiiiiiind gaaaaaaaaaaang


It’s alright but I don’t vibe with it for personal reasons

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boutta cop a john pooper works for my moms.
lol. :joy_cat:


i dont like the release because its basic to me. theres not much appeal in the music or group itself except the names in it. while raid, anthony1, haroinhound and sebel1000 are talented members (the others i cant speak on) who make talented solo music and did good work on the beats in the release, all together, its not very good to me. it doesnt feel much completed or formed. the lyrics arent very hardhitting or clever either. there are a lot of (good) different sounds in the tape, which can be great, but unfortunately doesnt work in this setting. the release doesnt seem at its highest quality, either. all in all, groups do evolve and i do hope that they gain their collective sound and improve their upcoming projects.


Retro said i should not say everything to try to derive from the point The point is the Release is bad Thank you

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Its a dope ass tape, lots of fun it bangs shoutout Xkai

I think its fire. one of my fav dy releases

in left field for me a little but in a good way. a very enjoyable weird for me :eye: like

10/10 i did the this is a certified grind gang classic tag


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i read the thread’s title as Grindset i really need to stop looking at sigma male memes they are frying my brain

I personally really liked it when it came out. Ishtar is probably my favorite track. It’s just a fun mix.