which artist will become popular or more popular?

I think:
breakcore: frskn (will become more popular, he said in dreamutilation that he promises something more)
hexd: fax gang, hi c, sienna sleep, anthony1, yabujjin (if he comes back)
sigilkore: luci4, lungskull
hyperpop: 100 gecs (will become legend)
digicore (hyperpop subgenre): dollywood1, lieu, saturn (he said in dreamutilation that he promises a lot of great events), wido, angelus, kurtains, aldn, underscores, kuru, funeral, juno

artists like mimideath, sewerslvt, bliss3three etc, not on the list because they were successful and until now, osquinn and team mekano may have gone to another genre, and lost a few or many audience, but osquinn probably started to do better, team mekano fm 89.1 I have not heard so i don’t know