Our Relaunch, the Last 7 Months, and the Future

Started by Sticki, Jun 14, 2024, 05:11 PM

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Hello everyone! First of all, welcome to our brand new forum. We began setting this place up during our time away, and hope that it can be a useful tool for both fans and artists alike. We will be using this place going forward for more long form updates and discussions, as well as a way for people to receive support and have their questions answered by our staff. In this post I will be going over everything that has happened since December 2023, as well as our plans for the future.

Last year, we received an email from our distributor SCP Merchandising LLC informing us that "SCP Merchandising LLC  has ceased operations, and all stores have been closed as of 12/18/2023", and that "any remaining unfulfilled orders, returns, and exchanges can not be fulfilled, and refunds will not be provided. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we must close our doors effective immediately." This message came entirely out of left field, as we had just launched the Five Finger Posse Vinyl a few weeks prior and had been planning a new release just two days before this email was received. We later found out that none of the employees at SCP were aware of what was happening, and were all abruptly fired the night before this email was sent out.

Further reading here: Merch Company SCP Owes Millions to Clients Like Mitski, Brent Faiyaz & Brand New After Shutting Down

Initially, we had no idea what our next steps should be since we were reliant on SCP paying us at the end of December for the past 6 months of work we had done. Not only did we not receive that, we also had the responsibility of hundreds of unfulfilled orders that could not be refunded. Our first course of action was to try to retrieve our merchandise, and while we were hopeful at first, it ultimately did not work out. So on top of everything else, we also lost over a thousand units of merchandise we paid for including clothes, CDs and Vinyl.

We then looked into providing full refunds to everyone, but that was outside of the realm of possibility for multiple reasons. Firstly, since SCP handled the transactions instead of us, it wasn't possible for us to reverse those transactions. Instead, we would have had to go through PayPal, which not only is messy but isn't available in many of the countries our customers are from. Secondly, many customers had already performed charge backs to get the refunds themselves. This is something that was encouraged by the trustee handling the Bankruptcy case. You may have received a letter notifying you of SCP's Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case, as everyone who had orders affected by SCP was supposed to receive a copy. These charge backs would've led to us giving people double refunds without knowing, which is something we couldn't afford to do in our current position.

We finally figured out a solution while discussing our predicament with our new distributor, Down Right Merch. They have taken on a number of former SCP clients already who were in similar situations and helped them thrive again. What worked for them was issuing store credit that is equal to the total value of the items purchased in each unfulfilled order. Knowing we had no other options and that this was the best way to reimburse everyone who was affected, we went with this option. We understand we cannot make everyone happy, and we cannot make up for the time spent waiting for your orders, but we hope that this can not only soften the blow but also to give us a chance to prove to you that we are committed to getting high quality merchandise to you on time, and we believe that with our new distribution partner we can do just that.

The store credit will be sent to every email associated with the unfulfilled orders we have on file, and these codes will not expire. They can be used on any item in our store, so if you would like to wait for a future release, you are welcome to do just that!

After we decided on how to handle reimbursement, we then had to figure out what to do about the loss of our inventory. We had just ran two major collections prior to SCP's shutdown, the EVABOY Collection and the Five Finger Posse Vinyl. The majority of the unfulfilled orders were made up of these items, and we decided right then that we had to ensure these were still available when we relaunched, even if it meant paying double on manufacturing costs. After that, we were in a position where we simply could not afford to bring back anything else, so as of right now the items in the EVABOY and Five Finger Posse collection are all that is coming back from our previous store.

These items have already been in production for some time. In fact, the EVABOY CDs are all ready to ship right now, the EVABOY Vinyl is currently being shipped to our distributor's facilities, and the Five Finger Posse Vinyl will be shipped to our distributor on June 28th. Going forward, we are also going to ensure that our pre-order times are much shorter!

To conclude, we may have lost a lot due to SCP's bankruptcy, but thanks to the help of our new distributor, we are back and better than ever! During this time we have also figured out new ways we would like to expand Dismiss Yourself, and while we cannot reveal anything yet, the results of these efforts will become apparent in the near future!

So, what's next? Like I said a lot of it we can't or aren't ready to discuss, but there are a lot of things we know you have been waiting for that you'll finally start to see coming out. Ateriavia Vinyl, IntoXXXicated Vinyl, Black Kray Vinyl, the new Team Mekano, the new iANO, the new Turqoisedeath, the new Kaizo Slumber and that's not all! https://dismiss.store is going to continue to receive updates as we flesh out a new look for the brand, and you can keep an eye out there as well as on our socials for everything mentioned and more!

We know there will be a lot of questions, and you're welcome to ask them down below in this thread or over at our Help & Suggestions board. We have a discord as well if you'd like to further get in touch with us or with out community, and lastly any inquiries you'd like answered one-on-one can be sent to our contact@dismissyourself.com email. Thank you so much for reading, for all of your support, and for being here for our return!

- Sticki


    awesome. can't wait for the aasev CD


      I Appreciate the communcation and hard work. Exicted about those upcoming vinyl records as well.


        Quote from: Soul_Of_Seun on Jun 17, 2024, 09:25 PMI Appreciate the communcation and hard work. Exicted about those upcoming vinyl records as well.
        Thank you! We can't overstate how much we appreciate everyone's understanding of our situation.


          dy is rising back from the ashes stronger than before


            the fact that the SCP situation wasnt the end of DY is indicative of the strength of this brand and the community that youve enabled to exist, excited to see the future of it


              Word on the street is that we are so fucking back (also how you survived that SCP shutdown, idk, but genuinely kudos to you)
                "maya elle" or something


                Binking off


                ༺༻ ༺༻
                .·:*¨༺ peace, love, and grungor  ༻¨*:·.




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